Founder of Morina Studios, Erick Morina started his career pursuing his dreams as an audio engineer and music producer. His artistic abilities have driven him towards a career doing what he loves in the music business. He prides himself on helping and serving those around him in any way he can. Erick understands that production & recording can be expensive, so he invested into creating Morina Studios, a recording studio in Phoenix Arizona. Here he can provide the artist with the most affordable prices while maintaining the highest quality standards of professional sound recordings.


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"Simply put, there aren't enough positive things I could say to describe how amazing Morina Studios is. Erick Morina is an audio wizard. He simply knows how to bring your visions to life as a producer and is also an incredible all-around musician. His knowledge of microphones, recording techniques is constantly expanding because he is completely dedicated to the craft, which shows in every new recording I do with him..."


"Morina Studios has THE most affordable prices in the valley for QUALITY sounding work that sounds like the pros! He works with the Artist, and if they have ideas and a direction, he takes that and runs with it. He does intricate production, mixing, and mastering. He gives the artist confidence in the process with his dedication, vision, and professionalism. He is my go-to for my music every time because I know he won’t fail to make it 1000x better than my own visions and ideas!..." Best Recording Studio in Phoenix


"I was extremely impressed by Erick. Not only is he extremely kind and personable, but he really made my music come to life! He absolutely makes radio ready music. I was blown away with the quality of his work and with the reasonable pricing that he offers. I would highly recommend Morina studios for artists who are passionate about their music. I am very passionate about what I do, and Erick is one of the few people I trust with my music!"


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Morina Studios

Phoenix, Arizona, United States


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